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desk extras

Stickers, tape, scissors, staplers, and other things that make writing fun.

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Support Women Owned Businesses Sticker
Your Butt Looks Great Sticker
Save $4.00Arc Tape Dispenser / Pink
Arc Tape Dispenser / Pink Sale price$11.00 Regular price$15.00
Mitsou Blue Washi Tape
Mitsou Blue Washi Tape Sale price$4.00
Mitsou Red Washi Tape
Mitsou Red Washi Tape Sale price$4.00
Textile Collage Slim Washi Tape / GreenTextile Collage Slim Washi Tape / Green
Care Tag Packing Tape
Care Tag Packing Tape Sale price$12.00
Frame Print Packing TapeFrame Print Packing Tape
Frame Print Packing Tape Sale price$12.00
Envelope Print Packing Tape
Yellow Flower Packing Tape
Packaging Pattern Washi Packing Tape
Flower Field Packing Tape
Flower Field Packing Tape Sale price$12.00
No One Knows What They're Doing - Vinyl Decal Sticker
Space Infographic Washi Tape
Tape Single: 'High Brightness' Green
Tape Single: 'High Brightness' Silver
Tape Single: Matte Duck Blue
Tape Single: Matte Mustard
Tape Single: Greige
Tape Single: Greige Sale price$4.00
Tape Single: Smoky Beige
Tape Single: Smoky Beige Sale price$4.00
Tape Single: Shocking Yellow
Tape Single: Shocking Green
Tape Single: Shocking Pink
Tape Single: Peacock
Tape Single: Peacock Sale price$4.00
Tape Single: Himawari (Sunflower)
Tape Single: Graph Hougan Emerald
Tape Single: Graph Hougan Blueberry
Tape Single: Graph Hougan Mandarin
Tape Single: Graph Hougan Sakura (Cherry Blossom)
Tape Single: Stripe Black 2
Tape Single: Stripe White
Tape Single: Dot White
Tape Single: Dot White Sale price$4.00
Tape Single: Dot Gold 2
Tape Single: Dot Gold 2 Sale price$4.00
Tape Single: 'High Brightness' Blue
Tape Single: 'High Brightness' Yellow Green
Tape Single: Graph Hougan Black
Tape Single: Graph Hougan Gold
Love Is Real Die Cut Sticker
Orchard Small Scissors
Orchard Small Scissors Sale price$32.00
Mono Eraser PenMono Eraser Pen
Mono Eraser Pen Sale price$6.00
Clutto Retractable Eraser
Pine Tree Embroidered Sticker Patch
Normalize Boredom Sticker
Read Banned Books Rainbow Sticker
Protect Trans Kids Sticker
Support Trans Kids Sticker
Trans People Belong Here Sticker
Papier Platz Eric Small Things Washi Tape - BookshelfPapier Platz Eric Small Things Washi Tape - Bookshelf