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Stickers, tape, scissors, staplers, and other things that make writing fun.

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Kokuyo Saxa ScissorsKokuyo Saxa Scissors
Kokuyo Saxa Scissors Sale price$8.00
Pink Miami Washi Tape
Pink Miami Washi Tape Sale price$4.00
Squiggle Days of the Week Washi TapeSquiggle Days of the Week Washi Tape
Juno Washi TapeJuno Washi Tape
Juno Washi Tape Sale price$4.00
Portland Washi TapePortland Washi Tape
Portland Washi Tape Sale price$4.00
Stockholm Washi TapeStockholm Washi Tape
Stockholm Washi Tape Sale price$4.00
Origami Washi TapeOrigami Washi Tape
Origami Washi Tape Sale price$4.00
Asanoha Tsuyukusa Washi Tape
Tape Single: Dot Milk Tea
Tea Scented ErasersTea Scented Erasers
Tea Scented Erasers Sale price$12.00
Sold outSteel Italian Bookends / Dark Green
Steel Italian Bookends / Mint
Paste and Scissors Earrings / 22k gold
Steel Tape Dispenser / LargeSteel Tape Dispenser / Large
Sold outJournal Sticker / To-DoJournal Sticker / To-Do
Journal Sticker / To-Do Sale price$7.00
Journal Sticker / MonthlyJournal Sticker / Monthly
Journal Sticker / Self-ManagementJournal Sticker / Self-Management
Raymay x J.A. Henckels HI ScissorsRaymay x J.A. Henckels HI Scissors
Laconic Bookmark Set / Reading NotesLaconic Bookmark Set / Reading Notes
Laconic Bookmark Set / Meeting MemosLaconic Bookmark Set / Meeting Memos
Laconic Bookmark Set / Weekly ScheduleLaconic Bookmark Set / Weekly Schedule
Strawberry Washi TapeStrawberry Washi Tape
Strawberry Washi Tape Sale price$4.00
Star Washi TapeStar Washi Tape
Star Washi Tape Sale price$4.00
Rad Washi TapeRad Washi Tape
Rad Washi Tape Sale price$4.00
Pug Washi TapePug Washi Tape
Pug Washi Tape Sale price$4.00
Sold outEyeball Washi TapeEyeball Washi Tape
Eyeball Washi Tape Sale price$4.00
Boston Washi Tape
Boston Washi Tape Sale price$4.00
Blood drip Washi TapeBlood drip Washi Tape
Blood drip Washi Tape Sale price$4.00
Space Age Washi TapeSpace Age Washi Tape
Space Age Washi Tape Sale price$4.00
Sold outPretty Sticky Washi Tape Set / ChecksPretty Sticky Washi Tape Set / Checks
Planner Sticker BookPlanner Sticker Book
Planner Sticker Book Sale price$15.00
Sold outHomaha Barbie Heart Sticker
Cloth TapeCloth Tape
Cloth Tape Sale price$12.00
Italian Corner Clips / Stainless SteelItalian Corner Clips / Stainless Steel
Italian Corner Clips / Gold PlatedItalian Corner Clips / Gold Plated
Desktop Stapler / Orange and GoldDesktop Stapler / Orange and Gold
Japanese Rubber Bands / RainbowJapanese Rubber Bands / Rainbow
Italian Push Pins / Rainbow
Sold outItalian Paper Clips / RainbowItalian Paper Clips / Rainbow
Sold outSteel Italian Bookends / Pink
Sold outSteel Italian Bookends / Orange
Sold outSteel Italian Bookends / Yellow
Paper Tape / Taupe Shapes
Paper Tape / Taupe Shapes Sale price$12.00
Paper Tape / Horizontal Stripes
Paper Tape / Moss Green Diamond
Paper Tape / GridPaper Tape / Grid
Paper Tape / Grid Sale price$12.00
Paper Tape / Stripes
Paper Tape / Stripes Sale price$12.00
Sold outCapri Mix Stamp Washi TapeCapri Mix Stamp Washi Tape